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Schedule emails to be sent later, reminders and more.

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Schedule mails to be sent later

You can set a future date for an email to be sent. SndLatr will send you email automatically at the specified time. Enter a human readable date like "Friday on 9 am" or "1st of next month, 11 am", or pick a date using the date picker. You do not need to be online at the scheduled date.

Email reminders

Set up reminders for conversations. Reminders bring conversations back to your inbox at a later date. This is a nice tool to keep your inbox clean. Just archive the conversation after setting up a reminder and it will be back in your inbox when you need to deal with it.
Want to be reminded if you don't hear back within a given time frame? No problem.


Find yourself writing repetitive mails?
Then SndLatr snippets are made for you. Just create a snippet to avoid typing the same text over and over again by hand.

Nicely integrates with Gmail

SndLatr integrates nicely with Gmail. You just have to install a small extension for Firefox or Chrome. It also works with Google Apps.
SndLatr does not mess around with your mails. It never alters any data of your Gmail. It does not add any extra labels, move around your messages or change subjects. Scheduled emails stay in your Drafts folder. You can edit them there just like any other email.

Free, No limits

SndLatr is completely free to use while in Beta. The number of scheduled mails or reminders is not limited in any way.

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